I am from brown soft skin

By Ashley Reyes  |   From : Miramar, Fl, USA  |   School : Everglades High School

I am from beautiful beaches

From salami and plantains

I am from cocoa beans being layer in the sun (brown, small, the smell to me was repulsive at first) I am avocado trees

That we would catch

I am from brown soft skin and brown beautiful eyes

From Mary and Angel

I am from listening to bachata and dancing

From “no deje que Te hablen asi/don’t let them talk to you that way” to “ahi dios mio/ oh my god”

I’m from god knows everything and he answers all prayers

I’m from Dominican Republic to arriving at New York

From yuca and carne asada to habichuelas con dulce

From the waking up at 6 to make breakfast to late night talks until 1 in the morning

In a basket on a high shelf you’ll find our family pictures

I am from a place where I will never forget where Ill never underestimate my value in this world

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