I Draw Wisdom

By Lubin  |   From : Haiti  |   School : Bloomfield

She is my everything,
my counselor, my adviser.


                     I did a lot of unfair things. I cut biology class and I 
                     was marked absent, principal Farah  called her, I’ve
                     always hated that principal. And she said to Suzela,
                     my aunt, and said:”Leila est en grande difficulté!” (Leila 
                     is in big trouble!) with her big mouth. She was speaking
                     so loud and there were students standing par l’école “by 
                     the school” and “J’étais tellement gêné”!  (I was so embarrassed!).


When auntie found out about it,  she was very mad 
at me because what I did was terrible.

                   She had the reason to be upset with me,  after that she told me 
                   not to ever do that anymore because school was 
                   supposed to be my first priority.I was a little rebellious 
                   because I didn’t want to listen to her. We took a 
                   “motocyclette”( motorcycle) to go home,the road was a
                   little dusty,  that happens when we don’t have rain for a
                   few months and when we got home, our feet, our faces were full of dust.


I had a friend. 
She was not a good friend.
 Her name was Betina She lived near my house. 


                 She was this fat girl and she was always dirty. She 
                 was my friend once, I called her my friend but I 
                 knew she wasn’t. I was by the river with two gallons 
                 and I was filling them with water from the river  I heard
                 someone called me and said, “poukisa ou tap pale dèyè 
                 do m ‘ak mika?” ( why were you talking behind my back with
                 Mika?). “Non mwen pa t ‘fè sa”(no I didn’t” I answered). The
                 sound of the river was like a thunderstorm, makes the fight
                 even more interesting. 


Mika was my best friend.
We used to do everything together.


                  We had all of our classes together.We were
                  friends for a long time. That was the longest friendship 
                  I ever had. We shared our secrets and I think that’s what
                  kept us close. together, talk about boys like every teenagers do. 

                  Then Betina attacked me, she was the one who picked the fight
                  She hit me with her dirty sandals. I got with a rage and I grab
                  her in braids and I shook her so bad. A branch of her braids came 
                  out. There were a bunch kids standing there shouting, “goumen! 
                 goumen!” fight! fight! 

                My aunt who was visiting a friend who lived near the river
                maybe heard all these noise,  was running to stop us, but 
                still, I was trying to beat her. “Matante” auntie was ready 
                to defend me even though she didn’t know what was going
I never thought she was that important in my life since
                today. To me she was a second mom a person I drew wisdom
                from.  I’ve become a new person because other Because 
                of her great kindness and patience.

We used to go to carnaval. 
February was my favorite
 month because that was the month that I used to have fun


                 She used to go in town with us even though my other 
                 aunts were not happy because they are too religious but 
                 she was different and I guess that’s why she is everyone’s
                 favorite aunt.  We used to go watch Mardi-gras together.
                 We walked all the way to the grand-rue “street” eating
                 fritaille” fried plantains and meat. There are these “ lasette
                 kod” (mardi-gras) their body are filled with dark oil and dirty. 


                Everytime I see them I start running because if they 
                touch you, you’re gonna get dirty.  We stayed for almost 
                all the night to watch the defile which is the most interesting
                part. We were holding each other’s hands and enjoying the 
                dance. She taught me things that can help me for my whole life 
                and also how to have fun. Her great patience holds me until today.

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