It’s our home too!

By Gina  |   From : Mexico  |  

Dear children of immigrant parents. Growing up in the free world is far too easy to fall into the dangers of acclimatization. By altering your beliefs so you can fit into a lifestyle of self-degradation, self-destruction, destruction of culture, your ancestors spent generations handcrafting. Growing up in a free world will make you feel like everything you were taught is wrong. No matter how hard you try, you will never belong. I grew up living two lives. One in which had family, music, novelas, delicious food, and beautiful Mexican culture, in the other that seemed less familiar—a world where my family and I were still new too. I don’t necessarily feel Mexican enough, and I don’t necessarily feel American enough. I know you will never know what it feels like to entirely belong anywhere, wandering continuously through a gray area where you are too foreign for the Americans and too American for your own. People will remind you that you aren’t welcomed in a free land, and the home of the brave little do they know there is nobody braver than the man and woman who gave you life. The people who left everything behind for the sake of a child. Our parents who Left their homes at risk of not finding one again, to ensure their kids will have a better future.


Twenty-five years ago, my parents made the journey from Mexico to America looking for a better life. A place they can fulfill their dreams and hopes unknowing all the struggles they would face, such as discrimination, racism, stereotypes, and so much more. Their life remains split between two countries held together by a phone call now and then. Our parents didn’t give up their hopes and dreams just for you to disregard your culture entirely. Take advantage of the free work, and all there is to offer to take the opportunity to reap the benefits and reach your full potential. It’s important to have the privilege of growing up in America being around different cultures and backgrounds and just diversity. Dear child of immigrant parents, do not let our parents’ efforts go to waste. Be proud of being different for coming from something different than others we belong here, and it’s our home too.


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