Kenny’s Story

By Kenny S.  |   From : Guatemala  |   School : International High School at LArgo

My name is Kenny and I am from Guatemala. My story happens in Guatemala, 2019. The people in my story are my parents and grandparents. The main problem in my story is that I came alone to the United States for a better life. I left my family in my country. It hurt for me, but I had to look for a better life. But, I suffered to come. 

Overall, in general I can say that it is not so easy to come to another country and leave family members and come only one because it is very risky, because one can die in the attempt.

I had to come alone. At first it was very difficult to come to me alone to the United States, and I suffered a lot on the road. I did not eat for several days. I started to cry alone. I slept on the edge of the street. I was afraid that someone would make me hurt, or  that a snake would bite me and I would die there.

Second, I felt sad when I left my family crying for me.

My grandparents told me,”take care, daughter, go happy because you will meet your parents and go to a country where there are many opportunities I love you very much daughter,” 

Then I answer, “Thank you grandmother and if my desire to meet my parents is going to be fulfilled, and if I am going to make great desire to study grandmother. I also love them very much I take care of you too.”

I was used to being with them. I was always going to visit them. I didn’t want to see them cry, I don’t like to leave them so sad.

I told my family,  “Don’t cry I’ll be fine and first God one day we’ll see each other again. I don’t want to see you cry anymore.”

They answered me, “We are afraid that something will happen to you along the way that we will no longer take care of yourself”.

And worse they thought that maybe I was going to die on the road and they would never see me anymore.

When I was taken by grabbed migration, there were many emotions.

I was afraid because they said “We will deport you because you came to meet your my parents illegally.”

At the same time I was very excited about that and if they deported me I would not have that opportunity again because it is not easy to come only a second one that was happy that I was going to reach these United States.

When I met my parents, because I had never seen them, it was a happy moment because I always wanted to  meet them. When I went to live with my parents and brothers, I was very happy because we were finally in a full family. I always wanted that and finally my wish was fulfilled.

The years have passed, I have been living with my parents for 5 years and there have been difficult moments, but today we are well together.  We have made many trips together, at Christmas.

Now with them I feel very happy.

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