Letter to myself when I first arrived

By Yanisa Nuanhnuplong  |   From : Clifton Park, NY  |   School : Shenendehowa H.S.

To: myself – 10 months ago before I came to USA

Hi. This is you from 10 months later.

I know you are really excited now and more than ready to hop on a plane and leave your country, aren’t you? But you know what? Maybe what you’re daydreaming might not be happening and there’s a lot more thing you need to get ready and prepared. But it’s a certain fact that no human being can turn back time, so let’s hear what happened and don’t worry. It was not that bad but if I asked myself is there anything I could have done to make this year better, I would say yes, and it’s ‘don’t be shy!’.

Since I have about one month left in the USA, I will just do my best everyday so that I don’t have to regret again and let that stupid decision haunt me for the rest of my life. In the future, I just want to look back and say to myself “I can’t believe I did it” instead of “I really should have done it”.

Ok! Let’s talk about the very first week you arrived. You were living with a host family that you barely know at the time. It was something totally different than living with your family, in your own society, in your own language. I remember waking up in the morning and just staring at the blank ceiling thinking about what you’re going to face after you come downstairs. You didn’t even want to speak English. You knew deeply that this is homesickness but you knew better that no one is going to be happy about it, yourself included.

So, you got up, came downstairs and tried to get familiar with the new people and your brand new surrounding. Live your life for a year just like you’ve always wanted.

Now, let’s move to the first day at school. Compared to other exchange students, yours went pretty good. Some of exchange students you knew cried on their first day because everything is too overwhelming. Shen High School provided guides to show you around so, at least you knew someone who could help you.

Everything was getting better. You made friends through classes and clubs but still didn’t have anything to do much until you joined a sport. Sport really made this year memorable and worthwhile. So, you will make a great decision by joining the teams!

Now, you have one month left here. The difference you obviously noticed is that you don’t wake up scared anymore.

But now, it turns out that before you’re going to sleep there’s one clear thought that comes across your mind over and over again. You don’t want to leave anyone you’ve met here: your second family, your friends, life in American high school. Everything has already become part of you and you love them. You really love them.

So, the best advice I could give you is just “Through good and bad, let’s do our best together.”


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