My life since I came to America

By Phuong Cao  |   From : Kansas City, MO  |   School : East High School

My name is Phuong. I’m 17 years old, my family come from Viet Nam. We live in Kansas City, Mo. My family have 4 people me my older sister, younger brother and my mom, we live in my grandpa house.

We come here because we want a better life and a better education. I felt very frustrated and lonely when I first come here because I dont have any friends or knowing anyone that speak my language. Maybe some time I pronounce the words wrong or use the wrong words so people around me start laughing. Every time I go somewhere english is surrounding me I was confusing because I couldn’t understand it back then. There is a time when I cry alot because I think I can never going to know how to speak english but my family they always support me they say ” you can do it, you will know how to speak it just a matter of time you will know trust me.” so after that I try to learn english, I didn’t give up and I succeeded.

My english is better now it getting better time by time, 5 months later my life become more satisfying I can speak english, understand what people are saying, some people ask me how can you get better at english, I said” just read more book, listen to music and watch more american movie.”

And I have a lot of friends now.  They very nice.  Some of them I get to know since I first come here they help me alot.  Like when I don’t know what to write they help me or when I dont know what the teacher are saying they explain it to me.

I have a friend that I got to know her since second quarter of my first year here, she from vietnam same as me she is very important to me because she love me, help me, take care of me when Im sick.  When she smile she look like an angel.

The weather in U.S. On winter is very cold but that’s ok i love it. I will never forget how difficult my life was for not knowing how to speak english but now Im very happy. Im not scared anymore.


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