Little Girl, Big Day

By Debora Raymond  |   From : Haiti  |   School : Bloomfield High School

January 12,2010 at “La Plane Bon Repos” in the city of Port-Au-Prince in Haiti. I was 7 years old. I had just come  from the doctor with my mom because I was sick. When we got home, my mom put her purse inside and took two chairs so she and I could sit ,and she could give me some dinner.  I was eating rice with beans  and chicken. My mom called Tania, our babysitter, who was like family to us.  Tania took me to the shower around 4:20.


Tania and I saw the walls were  shaking and the earth began  to tremble. My mom started to yell because she wanted Tania and me to come out. I didn’t have any clothes on so she was rushing to find anything to put on me. She found a pink dress I used to wear  when I was home.Then she remembered that her friend Joseline was sleeping inside with her daughter Parola , so she helped them to come out. My mom usually put her blankets outside to dry. So she took some of them with us as we left the house.


All of us started walking because you couldn’t stay inside. We saw a lot of  people  bleeding ,blocks falling on people and people crying who didn’t know where to go.There were  a lot of people who were asking for their families,because they had lost them. We saw a lot of people on the ground who were already dead.To be honest I was scared. We didn’t know where we were going to sleep that night. I just knew I wanted to be with my mom .The worst thing was that my brother and I were in two different cities. My brother was in “Martissant, Port-Au-Prince” with our cousin Fredner.


My mom and her  friend Joseline decided we were going to sleep in the park and we went there. We found a spot though there were a lots of people. We couldn’t even sleep because we were scared and every moment the aftershocks came. The next day, my Uncle Romnald walked all the way from where he lived to come get us there because our house had fallen into the earth. Then when we got to their house in”La Plaine Bon Repos Village Kiskeya #6”we  couldn’t go inside because it was dangerous. Thank God when we got there everyone in our family was ok. My Uncle Romnald got some scratches on his arm and his hand but he was alright after a few days. My mom went to get my brother in “Martissant” at my cousin’s  house,and we found him with no scratches, nothing. I couldn’t imagine where we were going to live after all this happened. Goodbye house.  Hello tent.

-, Haiti


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