Lost in Two Worlds 

By Rose Senatus  |   From : Haiti  |   School : Bloomfield High School


I’m from Covid19


That’s when its started


I’m from Covid19 where 

I lost my normal life 

I used to go to school

Walking on the street 

with my friend

Hand in hand

Partying together

Eating food together

Pizza is the best

Suddenly Covid19 

knocks on my door

What’s happening?




This virus has

destroyed everything in its path



Looking around me  

Only fear is there

Oh Mon Dieu ! What is that?


I’m from where 

I enjoy moments with family


brings us together

Understanding each other

Teaching grandfather 

how to Facetime

Seeing his smile

Makes me happy.

Learning new things

Like chocolate cake


I’m from where 

we fight to survive Covid19

6 feet from each other

Wearing masks when we go out 

Stay home to be safe 

wash your hands after 

anything you touch 

Survival costs everything 


I’m from where covid19 

doesn’t want to know 

What or who you are 

You can be whoever

President? artist? child? poor? rich?

No expectation 


I’m from where millions 

of people die daily

Losing hope 

Sometimes I wonder 

Where is this going?

We can’t anymore 

We’re tired 


Lost in two worlds

Some days I’m not myself

Some days my mind is elsewhere

Thinking about only memories

In the past 

Some part of me is not with me 

Lost in two worlds


I’m from 

where sadness 

invades my heart

sadness over my happiness

You won’t understand the pain I feel 

Because I keep smiling to hide it

I know after each night

comes the day 

that’s why

I have hope


The night is long 

but the day is coming.


            – Rose Senatus

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