Memoirs of hands and Eyes

By Yona  |   From : Boston  |   School : Horace Mann School for the Deaf

Memoir of Hands

Hello, my name is Yonaelys. 

When I was in kindergarten, my favorite memory was building a bin for worms to live in a plastic box. 

I remember that I wore a purple shirt with white flower spots and sky blue sweatpants at that moment.

My mother braided my hair in a french braid style.

In the classroom with Muna, Merrick, Shawne, and me, we created living worms in a box. 

First, we added soil, little sticks, some water, and leaves [to the worms’ box]. 

Then, we added the worms to the box. 

I remember my hands were so dirty. 

I thought to myself, “My hands are dirty.”

I went to clean to wash them.

When I looked down at the worm’s home, I saw a worm was moving around; it was alive! 

I jumped up and down excitedly around the classroom.

I remembered I was very young and sweet, and I had good self-esteem.

Making the worm home was a favorite part of my childhood memory.

Memoir of Eyes 

In August 2009, I was a young girl where I accidentally hit another young girl.

During a hot day, I biked and played tag in the playground near my home. 

I chased the kids on my bike and played tag. 

At the same time, I glanced back at my sister, and I wasn’t paying attention 

I turned, and a girl was standing in front of me. 

I panicked and tried not to hit her but like slow-motion, I could not stop, and we crashed into each other.

She fell on her back, and my bike ran over her. 

She broke her teeth with a lot of blood and gore. 

The little girl’s mother was outraged, and I could see she was angry. 

Her mouth was moving without making any sounds. 

Her expression reacted with anger.

I thought maybe the little girl was ok. 

Honestly, I felt scared and relieved. 

Some girls were not being nice to me and not being my friend. 

I felt angry and hurt. 

Seeing this girl hurt made me feel better.

After I hit her, my anger disappeared.   

Looking back now, I learned a few things. 

I learned to always pay attention to my surroundings and tell how I feel.

If something happens, I will help the person stand up and say I’m sorry. 

I know it is not right to hurt people because I am hurting. 

If I am angry, I can express through draw how I feel or talk with someone I trust about how I feel.


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