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Hello, my name is Blessing and i’m from Africa,Cameroon. It all started when I came to America and everything changed.When I was 8 years old, my parents told me we were coming to America. I asked her why? She said we are coming to America so we can get a better life and education. At first I thought it was a joke until after 1 year later, we started packing to come to America. I was very sad because I’m leaving my family and friends behind. When we went to the airport, I had to say goodbye to all my family and friends. They called our airplane number and that was when I said to myself with a quote “Why does it take a minute to say hello but takes forever to say goodbye”. We got on the plane successfully and everything was fine. At first we were going to China ( My dad lived in china for 7 years) but my uncle( my dad’s older brother) said no.So my parents,siblings,and I flew to America. We arrived on April 5 2011.


After living with my uncle for 2 months, we moved to our first apartment.I started my first to make friends because i was very shy back then.I started school in the 4th grade. The second I stepped in the classroom, the whole class was staring at me. This girl came up to me and was very friendly. Her name was Jasmine.We were getting close to be best friends but unfortunately I had to move to another apartment. I was frustrated because at that moment,I was getting to have more friends but at the same time I was excited to meet other people and see other places.

My family and  I later moved to a new place.I then moved to another new school. By then, I was in the 6 grade. Once again I was shy but not as much as I was before. I made more friends than I did at my other school. Actually I made my first best friend and since today we are still best friends.Her name was Saffiatu but I call her Sophie. I graduated from 6th grade to 7 grade and I was filled with joy because my mom came with me and she was very proud of me.After my graduation Sophie had to go back to her country for one year. We said bye to each other and once again I was sad because we had our plans on going to the same middle school together but it was fine.

After i finished 6th grade and the summer pasted away. I only completed the 7th grade there. I was excited to complete my 8th grade there because I made a whole bunch of friend and met some old faces from my elementary school. Unfortunately I had to move to a new place and guess what??. I moved to a house finally because the apartments where we used to live at ,We had a bunch of complains about us jumping and disturbing the neighbors. But now we have our own house and we can jump wherever we want to:’). So moving to a new house means moving to a new school-. I completed my 8th and guess what???!!. I met Sophie!!. I was in tears when I met her.We had a lot to talk about( you know us girls:>).

Middle school was over and it was time for high school. I was so excited to go to with my friends but my parents said no.So i had to go. I completed my 9th grade there. I was so surprised to some of the people i know from my previous school.I thought I was the only one that knew about the school. I had a lot of fun during the 9th grade. Well my first year of high school passed and now I’m in the 10th grade still at the same school.I am very happy that I came to America because from the passed 5 years I have been in America, I learned that no matter where you move to, you can still start all over again and don’t forget that you have your family with you that you can trust because the people you call your friends will stab you in the back.

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