Monica y Kratos

By Monica  |   From : El Salvador  |   School : International High School at Langley Park

My story begins in El Salvador, San Salvador when I was 12 years old. I was living with my parents and my dog. In my neighborhood were many houses and there was a mall near. In the middle was the gas factory called Tropigas. The factory has been there for many years.

That day I was alone in my house with my dog his name is Kratos. Later I decided to talk with my friend on the phone and I heard a noise from outside of my house and I was wondering where the noise came from. So I went close to my window to see what was happening outside. 

Then I saw some smoke in the sky. I thought it was someone burning trash. I told my friend “look at all the smoke it’s going out in front of my house” and I started to record a video. While I was recording a video I noticed that the smoke was getting bigger and then with fire. So I told to myself “what are you doing Monica? You have to get your dog and go out of your house” At that moment I was shocked.

I got all my stuff like my keys, phone, and most important Kratos, so I get out of my house. I started to run and many people were yelling, they were afraid, and I was too. But suddenly my dog saw a cat and he started to follow him. Then I managed to get my dog. 

So when I realized that we were far from my house I was worried because I was alone and It was many people but, I didn’t know them. Later while I was thinking, an old lady saw me that I was afraid so she asked me if my parents were with me and I told her that they were working. So she lent me her phone and I told my parents what was happening.

My parents hugged me and they were happy because I was saved. Then I hear that the factory will move to another place. Also, the factory paid for all the damage that they create by the accident and some comments say that the fire start because a worker was smoking near the gas. We lived happily ever after.

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