My Autobiography

By Cristal Gonzalez  |   From : Puerto RIco / Cleveland   |   School : Facing History New Tech (Cleveland)

Chapter 1: My life before the change

My name is Cristal Michelle Gonzalez Torres or as my friends know me Kiki, I was born on October 16, 2002 in Puerto Rico. Ever since i was  little i’ve grown used to having all of my mom’s family close to me. My family is composed by many but the closes family i have is my mother, my stepdad and my 2 sisters but now my family keeps growing due to my stepdads family. When my mom met my step dad i was 13 years old, my mom introduced us to him when we were in our grandmothers house, she came late to come and get us with him. The first time i saw him it was surprising because i never thought my mom would want to be in a relationship after what happened with her last boyfriend.  .I was happy knowing that i would always wake up and be with the people that i love and care about. But that all changed the day my mom came back from Ohio to tell me that we were moving to Ohio.

Chapter 2: The struggles

I’ve gone through a lot in my life here and in Puerto Rico, there has not been a day when i regret so many things i did and said to my family and friends. My life has always been a mess, but no one knows about it, nobody knows how much pain i have everyday, how much i cry in my bed or how much i smile on the outside when on the inside i’m torn in pieces. Every tear, every heartbreak, every pain started the day my dad stopped loving me. Daddy’s little princess that’s how a lot of people knew me as, my dad and me had a very strong connections ever since i can remember, i loved him and i still do but everyday that pases it starts to fade. The last time i saw and talked to him was more than 4 years ago when i was in my house with my sisters and my mother. He arrived at our house and called us to go outside so he could see us, when we did i regret going, there he was standing looking like the happiest man on earth, to bad that he’s happiness didn’t have to do anything with us. A baby that was the reason of why his happiness he and his wife had a baby. I felt happy but at the same time my heart broke even more than it already was. He started a new family without his own daughters, what really hurt me was that he just appeared out of nowhere with his new family after a year without having communication with us.

Chapter 3: My best friend

I never had a real friend when i was in Puerto Rico, my mom would always say “ Be careful with people they are not what they seem” i never listened to her because i didn’t understand what she meant by that, until i got to grade 6th where i learned something that i never thought id learned. Real friends don’t exist they’re just strangers that pretend to be there for you but when a rough time comes they abandon you. When i got to 9th grade i had to change schools because in Puerto Rico you went to high school on grade 10 but they changed it so that students who graduated from the 8th grade they had to go to high school to be in the 9th grade. Anyways my first day of school i met a lot of people and made “friends” i thought that it was gonna be a great year but that changed on the 3rd month of school. I found out that those who said that were my “friends” had been talking behind my back and when i confronted them they just laughed and walked away. That day was sad but it ended in a good way because of two things: one i got rid of fake friends and two i found three true friends that helped me during the entire school year and my life. I can still remember how we always got in trouble with the teachers because we would always be talking and throwing stuff at each other. I was closest with one, her name was Lymaris she was an amazing friend and even though we were totally different we helped each other on basically everything. When i moved here to Ohio our communication was very little since i was the one that would always help her do her school work she was booked with everything, but i still consider her my best friend.

Chapter 4: My new start

I moved to Ohio a year ago due to the hurricane maria and because my mother wanted me and my sisters to have a better future and more opportunities. It wasn’t easy to start a new life away from what i was raised, the people here are different, the security is more strong and the weather is bipolar. In my life i never imagined coming to the United States nor living here for the rest of my life. My life has changed so much ever since i’ve been here, i met more people and made friends. Getting used to living here was a bit tough due to the weather since in Puerto Rico it would only be summer it would never be winter, autumn or spring it was always summer and since me being raised there it was really hard. I remember when i got here two days later me, my sister and my mom got sick because of the change of weather. I started school a week after i got to Cleveland, the first day was a mess for me because that day they were taking the PSAT test and i had to stay in the office with Mrs. Blue and Mr. Engolia. I was sitting in the chairs talking with Mrs. Blue when all of a sudden a girl comes out of Mrs. Wheeler’s office with a black eye, i stopped talking when i saw and i was shocked and scared, when Mrs. Wheeler saw who i was looking at she came and hugged me telling me that that didn’t happen in the school. We all started laughing about what just happened and 20 minutes later Mrs. Fred appeared in the office and told me to go with her to one of the classrooms so i wouldn’t be alone. My life has taken so much changes but this change to come and live in the United States has been the one that has really done a change in me.


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