My Crazy Life

By xbenaj  |   From : Panama City, FL, USA  |   School : Bay High School

My life was crazy since childhood. I liked doing bad things for all the children. When I started to grow, I had many problems due to many behaviors. My mom punished me all the time, but I continued to bully other children.  Also, I was very disrespectful towards my teachers. So that I would not continue misbehaving and getting in trouble, my mom signed me up for baseball. At this moment, my life changed for the better. I already had a sport where I could entertain my mind. I practiced frequently so as to not get into any more trouble. However, one day I had a big problem, which I rather not go into detail. This was a life-changing issue therefore, I made my decision and I moved to the United States. I have made many friends here. I think that this is because I am not the same person that left Puerto Rico. I am a better person. I am doing much better in my studies. I want to continue to learn a lot of things here, but I miss my Island and my family.  I miss them very badly!I would like to visit them but the violence in Luquillo, PR is very high. People die every day and my family prefers that I am in the United States and that way I am safer.

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