By Wolff  |   From : Haiti  |   School : Coral Springs High School

My name is Wolff, I am from Haiti, and this is my dream. I believe I started playing soccer when I was in my mother’s womb. However, I have been playing soccer since I was little, and that is when my love and passion for soccer started. I was a little bit older when I discovered that my mother was a player who loved to explode for soccer. I have many life lessons and life events during the time I spent practicing what I loved the most, which is soccer,  as well as a lot of glorious moments, emotions, and unforgettable moments. However, what struck me the most was that during the summer holidays, my soccer team and I went to Spain, and we were withdrawn from the competition in the semi-final because there was corruption in the federation of referees.  The challenge I faced was in the final; we arrived at a penalty shoot and my turn had come to shoot. I scored it; therefore, the referee told me to shoot again and I did it. 

Sadly, I think the time has come to say goodbye to soccer because the person who motivated me the most to play soccer is not with me anymore; she is my mother. It was then that I realized that even though our dreams have particularities the world in itself is like that, but this decision made me a lot of pain and a lot of pain, and I thought a lot, especially with the phase of my life now. I think that if and only if things have changed, I can return on my decision. Soccer is all I have, all I want to do, all I can do.  I can’t have any other passion because when I play soccer it makes me feel close to my mother. I played soccer because I wanted my mother to be proud of me; I have received my mother’s passion, and now it’s mine. Before, I thought nothing could stop me, but now life has shown me that it is the opposite.

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