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By Sedec Irizarry  |   From : Puerto RIco / Cleveland / Florida  |   School : Facing History New Tech (Cleveland)

There are 3 stages in the game of chess the opening, middlegame and the endgame and I feel like one can compare the game to their own life. In the opening there not much going on you have to develop your pieces and put them on active squares in the middle game there are a lot of pieces on the board and you make a plan to ultimately reach the main goal which is checkmating the opposite king. In the Middle Game if both players avoid blunders and they trade off pieces until there are not that many on the board then the endgame is started. The endgame, in this stage of the game there are only a few pieces on the board and it’s a fight to the end and it’s probably the most important part of the game.

The opening, Born the 30th of may 2001 in Yauco Puerto Rico but I was raised in Guayanilla living in a small house in the middle of nowhere I was the third child of the family. The first was sadly a miscarriage the second was my sister the third was me and my brother was born 3 years later. Life was pretty good my dad was a chef and he had his own restaurant so income was not a problem when I was a kid, after my brother was born my parents decided to move to Cleveland to give us a better life and education. But after we moved a lot of things changed first thing was the language I had to learn English after knowing a good amount of Spanish. But life got a bit harder once we moved since getting a job wasn’t easy for my parents because they knew no English. But we survived eventually I learned English and did better in school. But this was only the opening I was only a kid with little to worry about but in time responsibilities came left and right. After many years in Ohio one day my family made a bid decision they decided to move to Florida because of personal reasons. And over there was even worse than when we first settled in Ohio. the first year we had to live in the house of a friend. And for the people that know what it feels like to have someone live in your house that’s not your family it’s not a very good feeling. So while I was there I knew by us being there it was very uncomfortable. Everyone likes their privacy and when people move in it doubles all the bills, and even though my dad gave some money often we couldn’t give much because we had to save up to rent a house. So being there wasn’t a good feeling plus we had to sleep in the garage where there is no heater and even though its Florida it’s still cold during the winter. So many things were wrong but we again survived and we actually moved into a beautiful house that had an in-ground pool and believe or not the rent cost 1000 a month. I still don’t know how we pulled that off but it was not a good life for my parents they had to work countless hours and come home exhausted. But time passed and life in Florida is not the same as in the Northern states. In Florida, you don’t receive any help like food stamps or medicare but in the northern states it’s pretty easy to get that kind of help. And also in Florida, things are ten times more expensive and jobs pay less. But time flew by while also throwing in terrible moments and eventually we ended up in Cleveland again. And I’m still in  the opening I’m still developing and preparing myself and eventually before i graduate the middle game will commence and i’ll have to make a plan for the rest of my life. But during the course of all this time i did complete a lot of achievements. One of my memorable moments is winning a trophy in a chess tournament. And many other competitions i went to as a kid one of them being when i competed in a drawing competition and won a trophy. But now i have to make a plan for the rest of my life and i don’t really have a dream that i’d like to follow. Well when i was a kid my dad being a chef kinda made me want to become a chef but after many years going by i don’t really see that as my career. I also considered something in the technology field since i have always have a talent in that area but i’m debating. But one would always like to do something that they enjoy doing, like in my case i like to play chess but to make it a career it’s near impossible. So only time will tell what i’ll end up doing but until the time comes i’ll just worry about getting ready and finishing up high school.


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