My name is Brambaifa

By Brambaifa M.  |   From : Jamaica/Florida/Nigeria  |   School : Park Vista High School

My name is Brambaifa. All my life I have experienced racism. A prime example has been my years of elementary school. Kids wouldn’t allow me to be able to hang out with them because of the color of my skin and just my nationality as a whole. It made it hard for me to fit in with kids because I went to a predominantly white school so when you’re one of the only few African-American kids, it’s hard to fit in and be able to find your space and this has carried on all throughout my life even with teacher,  Elementary school, middle school and high school. but even with these unfortunate displays of racism, I was able to join an amazing community, called BSU and YBL. I was able to find people that look like me and have the same ideas as me. I was able to be in a safe space for African-Americans, and I was able to talk about how racism travels over into all aspects of life. and I know that there are more students that are going through what I have, and have been in the past going through dealing with racism. I am blessed to be in a position where I can speak freely of this topic and express myself in a creative and authentic way.

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