My New Life

By Laura Garcia   |   From : Dominican Republic   |   School : Lawrence High School

My name is Laura Garcia. I am from the Dominican Republic. When I learned that I needed to move to the USA, I was 14 years old. At first I didn’t want to come because I didn’t want to separate from my mom. But next I already wanted to come because I had a lot of time that I did not see my father and I wanted to see him.

On the day that I moved to the United States I was sad because I didn’t want to leave my mom in Dominican Republic. But next when I got on the plane I felt very nervous because when the plane took off there was a lot of turbulence. And I said “the plane is going to fall but no I’m alive jajaja.”

When I came I arrived with my grandmother. At first I felt sad, because my mother  stayed in Dominican Republic, but then she told me she was coming here, then I was happy. At this moment I’m very happy because my mom is with me although she is in Pennsylvania, I have her closer than in the DR.

Moving is a challenge for me because I can’t speak English, and it is difficult for me to talk with other people but I’m getting used to it. This challenge is important for me because it is a new opportunity in my studies and my future. I want to be a vet and have a beautiful family with my mom by my side and I want to go to college to become a veterinarian.

From this I learned that not everything goes as we want, but every stumble we make is a new beginning for us.

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