My Story

By Shabeer Halim  |   From : Afghanistan  |   School : Thomas Jefferson Newcomers Academy

My Story

I will never forget my teacher from my country.  He told me that every time I have a chance, just learn some good things, and you will be successful in life. My teacher was named Mr. Blake. He said we need to learn ethics. He said, “You I don’t have to worry about your studies if you have ethics.” He was my teacher in Afghanistan in Kabul. I used to see him three times a week  in Dari class. He could speak three languages: Pashto, Dari, and Arabic.

When I come to America, I was so sad because everything was new. I came to America with my family, and we came here for better education for me and for my family.  We came here one yard ago. I was very sad that I could not go to class in Afghanistan with my friends and Mr. Blake. When I found some friends I felt a lot better, and I’m so happy now with my friends and with my new teachers.



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