My Unexpected Journey

By Marcelino   |   From : El Salvador   |  

My name is Marcelino. I am from El Salvador, and I’m 16 years old. I grew up in a town called San Pedro Perulapan. My hometown was very small, but it has some beautiful places. One of these beautiful places is called Sheraton Presidente San Salvador Hotel. In this hotel, you can swim in the pools, eat at the luxurious restaurants.If I went to the hotel with my friends why are we going on a pass

 I grew up with my father and my mother. My relationship with them was friendly. The people I miss most are my mother because she was the one who understood me the most. She spoiled me when they scolded me and she contemplated me. I’ll never forget my friends. What I’m never going to forget about my friends from school is that when we went out of class we used to get together to steal some cucumbers from plantations. One memory I always treasure is my time with my cousin, because with my cousin you went out to play and hang out on the beaches. 

 I was forced to leave my home because gangs were violent. When I was in my hometown, I saw a lot of people getting killed. I saw many kids my age be forced into joining gangs seeing that scared me. I did not want that life for me. One other reason I came to America was for success. 

When I left El Salvador to get to Guatemala, I had to take a truck to get to Tegum Uman. I traveled by bus and by walking. After arriving in Mexico, I got on a plane to Monterey, and then another flight to Tijuana. I was happy because I was getting to know new places that I did not know. I also met some friends from a church and we traveled with Pariswe united them with the brothers of the church. One memory that stands out is when I arrived to immigration and I was taken to the hielera or cooler as people call it.My experience sounds a bit sad because we are only locked in a small room and did not see anyone and they only fed us serially twice a day they only gave them 

When I arrived in America I met a new family. I did not know them and when I saw them for the first time I felt afraid because they looked very serious. As the days went by that person was becoming a great friend to me. On my first day of school, I felt confused because I was a new student. I had a difficult time making new friends because I was shy. To find a friend it cost me a week and in that week I met a great friend: Adilson. Learning English has been hard because I only know Spanish. American food is different, because the foods here are not the same. They have a  different flavor. I am proud that I have my family. I’ve faced many challenges since arriving, for example learning English.

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