Never Give Up

By Nicole Urena Castillo   |   From : Dominican Republic   |   School : Lawrence High School

I moved to the United States when I was 13 years old.  All this started a year ago when I was playing with my friends when my mom called me and said.  “ Nicole come here, you know I told you that one day we are going to the U.S.” I said, “yes” so she said, “ so in four weeks we are going to the U.S.” At this moment I felt very sad because I had to leave my country, family and friends. But not everything was bad because my mom came with me so I felt a little happy about that.  

The day arrived. We wake up at 5 am. I don’t like this because I like to wake up late. So we prepared to go to the airport. I felt nervous because It was my first time going on an airplane.  When we’re high up, nothing is seen.  When we started climbing in altitude to the U.S the airplane windows were cold. I said to my mom “ hey mom touch the window is cold.” And my mom said “yeah it’s true.”  So we arrived. When we arrived at the airport to the U.S that first thing I felt was the cold. At that moment I thought, “I knew that the U.S was cold but I never imagined so much.” And I was wearing a  fine fabric jacket. So we waited like 20 minutes in the airport because we were waiting for my aunt. I looked in the door and I saw my aunt. I said to my mom “ Hey mom, look it’s aunt Yohany.” And My mom said “yes she is.” So we went to the house of my aunt . I remember my mom and me eating a sandwich with orange juice. Well I met  my other aunts and cousins. We played a little and then my mom and I went home.  One week later I went to the school Spark Academy. My first day in the school was really nice. I made many friends and the most incredible thing was I did not feel nervous and I don’t know why. 

When I went to my classroom I saw everybody was a new immigrant like me so this made me more comfortable. So the class started and  my teacher spoke both languages. That made me really better because I think she is only going to speak English but not so nice.   The classes went by and lunch time came.   So when I said before I make friends so they teach me what I need to do for my lunch. We sit and eat  together.  So lunchtime is over. I had to go to karate class but I don’t know where it is so I asked my friend Escarmely “do you know where it is the karate class?”  she said “yes I’m going there now do you want to come with me? And I said “yes please.” The karate class is over. So I had to go to Science class. In these class It was my biggest challenge English. I don’t understand anything my teacher is talking about. That day I cried because I never felt like that. I can’t raise up my hand to answer any questions. I feel frustrated and upset because I’m a student that likes to answer questions. It was terrible. So that was my first day in school in the U.S.  But then I had to get used to it. 

Well the time passed I graduated from middle school with honors. That day was very happy. I  moved to a new house. I learned a little more of English. And now I’m here in “Enlace” Newcomer Academy and I’m so happy. 

All these events were important for me because It was a big change in my life. I moved to another country with another language. That was so hard but I learned step by step. 

I learned the changes in our lives are good because you learn new things like other languages, new culture, and new people and more. Looking at me now I can’t believe I can make a paragraph in English. I never thought that one day I can write a big paragraph for myself. But now I can. 

In the future  I want to learn English. I want to go to college and finish.  I want to be a professional, for example my career could be a teacher or architect . I want to make a house for my grandparents because they help me a lot and I love and I miss them a lot.  I want to buy a car and have my house with two dogs because I like pets. And I want growth everyday more.

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