New Traditions

By Aaron  |   From : Panama City, FL, USA  |   School : Bay High School

A very special day for me. My birthday and that day in the morning when I got out of bed, I was excited to do amazing things, but one of them I could not do, so I decided to do nothing more than just go to school to take normal classes Like every day.


My mind was spinning thinking about gifts and parties with friends, but at the time I reacted and I realized that I had already turned 15 years old, that it was the moment when they would begin to change my ideas and my way of being.


At the time of getting on the school bus I looked back to find a place to sit, after sitting down I began to listen to music so as not to get bored on the way to school, I also looked around watching the cars, trees and the cloudy sky. When arriving at the school I walked to the cafeteria to have lunch and in a few minutes the bell ring rang to start the classes. When I was in class, a friend congratulated me on my birthday and I told him not to tell anyone else and thank you very much for having agreed. The hours and class periods also passed until the seventh period in which my aunt called me to tell me that she would pick me up to pay for my cell phone, so they spent a few minutes in the GYM class and the coach called to tell me that They had come to pick me up in the office. I went straight to the office and went with my aunt in the car to the store where I should pay for the month of my cell phone to have internet and calls, after that we went to the house and told me on the way that I did not want I realized what I was doing in the house, but he had to tell me that the surprise cake he was preparing was not over yet, so I got a very strong feeling of sadness because I did not expect anything from him about my behavior, and We arrived at the house between and I went up to the room to mourn the emotion.

The afternoon I went back down from the room and the moment I arrived at the kitchen I saw a cake and food. My relatives started arriving for my party. Step is time, we played, we laughed, we ate, we listened to music and we danced.

In the end they started to go and say goodbye to me.

I remembered that it was my birthday and I felt it was a great day.

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