no entendi nada

By Elvin  |   From : Mexico  |   School : Glades Central Community High School

Hi my name is Elvin I was born in Veracruz,  Mexico. In my  home country there  were  economic problems and that is why I came to the United States with my dad. When  I was twelve  years old we moved from state to state with my father looking for work until we arrived in the United States. When we left for the United States, night was already approaching so my dad didn’t want to say goodbye to anyone in his family, only my mom and my brothers.

We came to the state of Belle Glade, Florida  for work. Now my dad is working and I’m studying. It was difficult to leave my mom, brother and my sisters. Many people, including relatives, made fun of me because I was very thin. They made fun of me and said that if my dad brought me to the United States I could die on the way.

When I entered the school the first few days I was nervous because when I entered my classes the teachers were talking and I did not understand anything. My reading teacher asked me the first day I arrived, “What’s your name?” and “Where are you from?” “Y no entendi nada.”

No one believed in me. Now that I am here, the people who used to make fun of me now look up to me and are amazed.  At the end of my first year in  school in the United States I speak two languages and I have a 3.0 GPA in the school of America. However I learned that we don’t have to give up in life and I’m about to finish my first year at school. 

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