From One World to Another

By Gabriela Cabrera  |   From : East Boston. MA   |   School : Mario Umana Academy

She sent me away at the age of five,
and in Salvador I arrived.

I stayed with my grandparents for a while.
As happy as can be,
always had a smile.

I went to school and studied hard.
I made friends and loved to play in the schoolyard.

We would go to the beach every night,
and look at the stars,
I swear I can see mars.

As months passed I would think of my mother
and wondered about my brother.

I started calling her more,
and would ask her when I can come back.

She told me to sit down and relax.

Was I going to stay here forever?
I shouldn’t think about, it’s whatever.

It’s been a year now,
and I haven’t thought about them,

One sunny day I came home from school,
and saw suitcases on the ground.
My grandparents told me I would go back to America.
All I could do was frown.

On the plane back to Boston
I was exhausted.

I got to the crowded airport.
The wait for my family was short.
I said my hi’s and hey’s.
It was just like good old days.

I went home that day, feeling okay.
My family is not that bad.
It’s hard to admit,
but I was actually glad.

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