Quito Luz de America

By Eva Ortiz  |   From : Ecuador  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I am from a place called
Quito luz de America,

recognized for its cultural wealth
for the beauty of their churches

surrounded by the warm smell
of their mountains and valleys

full of color and life,
that beautify its land.


I am from a country with 
friendly and cordial people
of different religions as Catolicos,
Cristianos and Testigos De Jehová

surrounded by customs and values
People wanting to get ahead,
where bread and water are well received
from a country where humility lasts.


I am from a country where 
its flag has value for its people
Yellow represents the gold,
 sun and wealth of the country

Blue represents the ocean, 
the clear and clean Ecuadorian sky
 Red represents the blood shed
 by the heroes.


I am from a place where childhood
still exists, children play soccer and 
volleyball in the streets without shoes
 enjoying  the company of others.


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