The Real Me, My Real Story

By Tania Stephen  |   From : Miramar, FL  |   School : Everglades High School


I am from bobby pins

From Ecostyler and Cantu

I am from a bad neighborhood

And paint peeling off the walls

I am from the 2-bedroom house

(small, crowded, never had enough space)

I am from roses,

which make you bleed but yet so beautiful

I’m from Haiti where we eat soup for New Years

and are known for doing bad things

From Anne and Daniel

I’m from the yelling across the house and

talking back to my parents

From “sit down and be quiet” and

“wait until you get home since you want to be bad”

I’m from going to church on Saturdays

and praying each night

I’m from Miramar and my Haitian ancestors

From being sent to my grandma’s house just

so my parents can work over night to support my sister and I

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