Shocking Silence

By Francini Zuniga Fonseca  |   From : Costa Rica  |   School : Bloomfield High School


I am from Covid 19

where suddenly our lives changed

it seems that the world has stopped

Everyone wonders what is happening


I’m from no matter the social class

poor, rich  affected in the same way 

the poor by necessity have to go outside to work, or to survive

the rich man can not go to eat at his favorite restaurant


the quarantine began

the uncertainty started

schools closed, I lost my job

we can not go out


how to forget being next to my mother, my brothers

in the living room, on a beige sofa sitting

in front of the television, watching the news

just listening… “do not go out if not necessary,

mask, keep 6 feet distance”

there was a shocking silence

but we said; 

¿Qué está pasando?


I am from where many emotions start

fear, loneliness, sadness

watch the news again, every day

so many infected, so many deaths

every time it was getting worse!


During quarantine it was the same routine 

day by day at home…

time stopped,

the hours, minutes, seconds passed slowly

It seemed that the days did not pass


my brothers, my mom and I 

we did not lose hope


that this was going

to end


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