Stomach talk

By  Jodarson Noel  |   From : Haiti  |   School : Bloomfield High School

i am from  a country 

that has an history of problem,  

a country that judges you. 

Where  the union of brothers and sisters 

comes true. i am from  a city of dead people

 where  guns burst  every night  

in the morning we walk on the dead

 where parents  are overprotective  

where kids often grow up  without their fathers


 i am from a country  of darkness

 where  they cut the electricity 

not because you didn’t pay 

Just because they can.

where the night is young for teenagers 

where parties were  our way of responding

where  teenagers march   a lot  



i am  from a  country of carnivals

from a neighborhood of peace and harmony

where people support you with kindness and love 

where the sweet smell of food makes your stomach talk 

where your grandma  can beat you with her sandals 

where your mother is  trying to do everything by herself

where friends can be enemies where enemies can turn to friends


i am from a street of sports mixed together 

where you play basketball and soccer in one field 

where  we go to get away from the adult 

finally somewhere you can feel safe 

even though it’s not home


i am from a country where people eat fried bananas

 a country where people eat fish  with yellow rice 

 a country  of pain 

a country of struggle 

but that’s what makes us  go further 

 i am from a country  where you have 

to wear uniform to attend school 

where  you sit with your friends after a long day 

and drink ALASKA juice 

where you have to work hard 

where people call you names

 because you  wear glasses


where i am from  represents 

 happiness  peace love and struggles           

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