Story of my Eyes from the Past

By Hector  |   From : Boston  |   School : Horace Mann School for the Deaf

This is a story about my eyes from my past
The white color
The sun blazing down
Painting the white paint on the wall
The pain in my eyes
The tears streaming down my cheeks, I hurt
I kept working
My family and friends, people, my friends- all of us had the same eye pain
The white hurt our eyes
We hadn’t been paid yet
We hadn’t got sunglasses yet, we didn’t have any
We had to wait until later, we would get some in the future
On Sunday, we had the day off
We went looking to find special dark glasses for our work the next day
The sunglasses made it so much better
The black glasses helped to block the white glare and protect our eyes
It was a lot better!
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