I was taken to a juvenile detention

By Eduardo  |   From : Palm Beach (Florida)  |   School : Royal Palm Beach High School

Hi,my name is Eduardo Baca, am going to share my personal  “I Learn America” story. I am originally from Honduras, I came to the United States with my Father’s brother, and mom on November 27,2015 and arrived December 19,2015.


First, my mom went to Spain when I was like 8 years old and then my Dad came to the United States because my mom could not all,spend time and my dad told my mom to go Honduras that will my younger brother and my older sister to the united states, I stay with my sister who was about 15 years old, my mom and my brothers they came to the United States, and my Dad received  to my mom and my brothers,the time passed and i was ready to leave  but my sister decided to go with a man then we insist and after insisting did not want then things changed i came with the brother and your mom of my stepfather good now i’m going to tell how i came to the united states


First we travel to a capital of my country that is called copan and there we spend the night afterwards like wings 3 of the morning arrived a bus to cross the border of Honduras with Guatemala we arrived as wings 6 of the morning to guatemala we ate in a restaurant and then we went to a hotel there we spent all day and night as wings 4 in the morning arrived another bus and we went on a trip 4 hours later we went to lunch and after catching another bus and the trip was 5 hours after we arrived and took us to cross a river in a boat later we got into a car and went more people after a long journey we arrived at an an area where they were a military and they stopped us and asked us for our birth certificate to each later they let us pass and we were going to cross the border of Guatemala with  Mexico that were two  hours of travel.


We arrived we got off and then we had to walk about 2 hours later we arrived at the place where a car we went to pick up and took us to house where there we gave a bath and they gave us to eat and there we spent the night in the morning we took a car place where he divided the group the men had to go through a lake and the women went with the car we arrived house to eat later we went in a few cars the journey lasted about 15 minutes we arrived at a river we were crossed by men in a boat we arrived house because they were taking people to the hotel after we touched us they left us half way by which the police were patrolling around that area so we got out of the car and hid for about 20 minutes later they arrived and they took us to a hotel there we spent 2 days after we took a 20 hours trip and arrived at another hotel and there spent the night, in the morning we took another 20 hours trip and we arrived house and there we were 3 days in the night as at 11 we were taken to cross the rio bravo to cross you have take your shirt and stay alone with your shorts,so that clothes do not get wet you had to put them in a bag and to cross was in a bag with air thanks to god all the people crossed later we touch walk, just so that migration will catch us, arrived migration and we were 3 days after the three days i was taken to a juvenile detention there stayed a week in one night i got up because i going to where my family came and this is my story.

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