The Journey

By Gabriela  |   From : Honduras  |   School : International High School at Langley Park

This story begins in Honduras, it was 2021 and I was about to start a challenging journey that I never imagined will happen. I was at home with my grandparents and brother when they gave me the notice.

I didnt imagine that the reason to come to the U.S. was my mental health. I was isolated in my room and didn’t eat for weeks so my grandparents were worried and told my mom.

We had to go early that day, my heart was beating really fast. I was in negation, after 16 years I will have to separate from my parents who I loved really much. When it was the time my grandpa told us and it was the hardest moment I lived. I was my grandma’s face, I saw her heartbreaking and mine did it too. I never thought I would leave her, leave my grandfather, or my home, and then, I started crying. I had to say goodbye to the people that took care of me for a lot of years.

After a long trip, walking and going in other people’s cars we finally get to our final destination. I remember that we passed all day in an abandoned house waiting for the night to come so we can cross the Rio Grande. I felt really scared because I didnt know what could happen, fortunately, we could cross safely, but that was not the end, but the beginning of something worst.

After a long night and some orders from the migration police officers, some buses arrived and picked us up. That was the first time since I left my home country that I slept somehow calmly. Some hours passed and I didnt see my brother, I was worried but hoping that they were taking care of him as they were doing with me.

We get out of the migration center and after a slow two-day long bus trip and plane traveling we arrived in D.C. But that was not the end. I had to wait for my mom and sister because there were confusion and somebody sent them to New York. I waited for them and it started raining, I remember when I heard my name and the attendant told me that they were waiting for me outside the bus. I felt as if I was dreaming, I had a lot of memories and old thoughts in one second,  it just felt unreal.

I remember that when I came off the bus, I saw my mom crying. The first thing she did was hug me and I did the same but I was so in shock that I couldn’t even cry. I felt like I was floating. Then, I hugged my sister. We get into my sister’s car where my little brother was. He was just staring at me but then we started talking and I also talked to my grandma that was on the phone with mom.

We were talking until we get home, at the point I finally was aware of the reality, everything turned better after all the sadness and anxiety I felt. We finally get home and my sister lefts us there, we entered and my mom showed me my room, the bathroom, and the kitchen. I remember that we ate orange chicken. I never tried that food before and I loved it. The rest o the day I talked a lot with my mom and played with my little brother.


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