Tired of Learning a New Language

By Sing  |   From : Myanmar  |   School : International High School at Lafayette

I am tired of learning new languages, a memory by SING PAU

I’m from Myanmar, but I’m chin.
Chin people speak a different language from everybody else in my country. But, I needed to speak the official Myanmar language in school.

In 2007, in my country we have some problems — People did not like the government because the government was killing people. That was happening everywhere in my country. People were protesting in the street. My family had to leave because the president was utting all men in jail. My family was in danger.

Then I went to Malaysia. My father, my mom and my sister, they all stayed in my country.

People ask me, how did you get Malaysia? I walked, I rode motorcycles, I took a boat. I were ready to do anything to go to Malaysia. It was not easy. When I got to Malaysia, I became a refugee. But I did not know how to speak in Malaysian. Most of the time, I had to read and use a dictionary to make myself understood. After two years, I could say what I wanted to say in Malaysian. In Malaysia, I also worked in a Chinese factory. I had to learn the Chinese language.
Then I were in Indonesia for 6 months and I learned the Indonesian Language.

On September 9th, 2009, the United Nation’s Services for Refugees called my father and they said I were going to the USA.

Then I was in New York city. After 4 months, I went to school. That was was crazy. Scary. because I did not know how to speak and read in English, but now my English language is better than before. I were traveling almost 7 years and I will try my best to keep going through my long journey. I learned how to be strong. I learned how to work hard. I learned how to speak in chin Burma, Malaysian, Chinese Indonesia, and now English. And I can say” always have hope” in all of them. Thank you. Thank you for listening to my story.


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