By Merrick Ham Castro  |   From : Boston  |   School : Horace Mann School for the Deaf

For my final project, I’m using a story that happened a few months ago. So as an employee of the Boston Police Department, I work with officers on the streets to solve crimes and reduce crimes occurring among the youths in communities. A police call came over the radio of a person who was acting suspiciously around the beach around 6:34 pm on a Saturday. Myself and an officer of the Gang Unit division arrived on scene due to an officer requesting assistance with a resistance individual. While we were arriving upon the benches at the beach, we seen a officer who is a white cop acting racist and using discrimination words at the individual. The individual later started walking away from the officer that was speaking to the individual. The officer started being aggressive towards the individual and a fight ensued between the officer and the individual. We saw what was wrong and decided to defend the individual but we acted like we were on the officer’s side on the scene even though we weren’t. After the fight ended we decided to separate both of them and handle the situation by policy and what we felt was right. The officer later walked towards the individual and spit on the young man and grabbed him and attempted to put cuffs on the individual even though the young man didn’t commit a crime nor did anything to be near cuffs.


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