When I was 11

By Valentina  |   From : Mexico/Colorado  |   School : Silverton Middle School

When I was 11, I came to Silverton from Mexico. First, we thought about if we wanted to go to the U.S. or not. Then, we decided to go to Silverton for a job and a good future. My grandparents had already been living in Silverton for 14 years. I remember we spoke with them on facetime a lot, and they told me about the school here. We didn’t need to wear uniforms and could come almost in pajamas. In Mexico, I had to wear a school uniform, which was uncomfortable. Also, I liked that school was sometimes only four days a week instead of five. My grandparents also told us about how we could work here in the summer. 

First, I came to Silverton with my cousins and my aunt. We came in February. At first, I was happy to see my grandparents, but then I got sad, missing my family and some friends. After that, one month passed when my family came on an airplane to Denver. Then, my grandparents and I went to get my family in Denver. Now, I have been in Silverton for two years. It is hard because I miss my home, my other family, food, and traditions. When I came to Silverton, I saw a lot of snow. It looked like I was in a cloud. I noticed that it was so cold. The cold is horrible, but I feel brave because I have made it through a month without my parents, and I fought against my depression. And maybe this spring break, I will get to visit Juarez. 


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