Yola so far

By Eduar  |   From : Honduras  |   School : Bloomfield High School

This letter is for you,

grandma Yola.

I love you so much grandmother

and from that day where you took

me to live with you.

I couldn’t live with my step dad Tono.

Because my mom Yolany

went to the United States

so that I and my brothers

Would have a better life.

Then I lived 7 years

with you and had

a great time

because you are

funny and told me things

that are interesting.

Like stories of your life

Always when you

were not in the blue house

of wood

It felt empty.

I also remember

when you smiled

and told me stories

of your youth

like when you

and your enemies fought.

I remember

when you

scolded me.

Because I was in

the street  where it is dangerous

for the gangs

you told me, hijo, esta peliogroso

in la calle, son, it is dangerous in

the street.

I do not want anything to

happen to you.

The streets are dangerous

Because the gangs

kill the people

for nothing.

They will think that you are part

of other gangs. Hopefully

one day your mom

will take you to the USA

You say.

And for you too

I think I remember

when I was

on the plane and you

were crying for me.                                                                                             

I hugged you

and kissed you

and told you.

I was going to bring

you for come

to the USA with

all our family,

some day finally grandmother.

I never told you

that when I came on

the plane in the airport.

I cried and

I only had 20 minutes

inside grandmother

I love you so much

so much.

I miss you my grandma.

When you are sick

Or if you, grandmother

are mad or something happens

to you I do not know it

but I know that you

will be well until

I come back

to Honduras.

You are alone

in Honduras

It is so far to the USA.


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